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Delivering fast, affordable, and engaging visual content for businesses online. We work with top hand-picked creatives to meet your brief and reflect your quality. Styled image packages available!




Here's some information you might find helpful.


+ How your images are delivered

Your high resolution JPEG (or TIFF for printing requirements) Pretty Squares are uploaded to the creative cloud and an access link to this location is sent to you via email. Your images can be provided in landscape or portrait sizes depending on your specific requirements.

+ How our image licensing works

All images created remain the property of the image-maker. The images created for you come with an exclusive lifetime unlimited license to use online or in print, Nationally and Internationally. This means they are yours to use for as long as you like without needing to credit the image creator.

Once you have launched the images, Pretty Squares and/or the creative may request permission from you (in writing) to use them to promote their business and work.

After 12 months from when you receive your images, Pretty Squares and/or the image-maker may use the images without seeking permission from you. This is to protect their image ownership rights.

+ Returning your product

Once we have completed your Pretty Squares, we can send your product back to you. Just include pre-paid postal packaging and instructions in the delivery of your product.

Alternatively, you may choose to gift the product to the creative who in return could use it in other styled images and share them across their social media channels.

Keep in mind that these products have been used, often with food, and may have slight wear and tear

+ What happens in the event your product goes missing in transit

You are financially and legally responsible for your product while it is in transit to and from our creatives. We recommend using a reputable courier service with the ability to track your delivery.

We will let you know when your delivery is received by our creatives.

+ How long it takes for you to get your images

We deliver your images within 10 days of receiving your product.

If you require an image of one of your products quicker to meet a deadline, we will do our best to get that to you first.

+ What happens if you are not satisfied with your images

If you are not satisfied with one or more of the images we provide you, we will check the brief and our proposed creative solution with you, and arrange new images

+ Additional requests

No. Our creatives all work from homes studios using their own prop collection. If you would like a special item included in the image, let us know and we will send you a quote

+ How to place an order

We generate quotes based on information you provide us. Just fill out the form on our 'quote' page and we'll have your custom quote sent to you within 24hours, or we'll be in touch to find out a little bit more information

+ Pretty Squares are not just square

Images are usually provided in landscape and portrait sizes. This gives you the option to crop them for the channel. We can also provide square shaped images which are typically for use in social media.